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As much as love writing I have many interests that go far beyond putting pen to paper. I am an animal lover, I have two adorable cats that are my little fur-babies. I design and make my own jewelry. I prefer to use natural materials with varying textures. I am one of those individuals that you see taking pictures of their food at restaurants. Food should be an experience not just something that nourishes your body. Every year I plan several camping and/or hiking trips. When not writing in a journal or reading you can find me walking around and taking pictures.

I enjoy writing about a wide range of subjects and even have two books in the process of being published. One being a non-fiction guide for women in the BDSM scene and the other being a collection of erotica.

My passion for learning and research makes me an ideal content writer for a wide range of topics. Feel free to reach out with any ideas that you have and I can bring your story to life.